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Pink Magazine Review

 After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book. Disappearing into the lives of characters, in another place and time, gives me a chance to relax and unwind. As an avid reader, everything from classics to romance to murder-mystery is right up my alley. Sheri Wren Haymore, author of A Deeper Cut,  has combined all three to create a killer mystery, with a touch of romance, that has readers guessing at every turn.


College student Hunter Kittrell has moved to the sleepy little town of Beaufort, N.C. for the summer with his beautiful girlfriend, Miki. After pulling a harmless prank, the two find themselves tied to a local murderer. Miki soon becomes bored, and romantic twists and turns begin, as Hunter attempts to rekindle their relationship. Throw in insightful Granny Jen, a long-lost criminal father, best-friend Amy, and enemy Jack Franklin, and Hunter Kittrell has a life-changing summer ahead of him.


Enter "The Cat," serial killer extraordinaire on a mission and out for blood. With a unique signature and inclination for knife wielding, the killer runs rampantly about the usually innocuous town, sending the police on a wild-goose chase leaving Hunter as a prime suspect. While the yachts sail in and out of the scene, cracker-jack Police Chief Grayson Tucker begins to uncover the plot. The book moves swiftly, taking you from page to page, anticipating what could possibly happen next.


Haymore weaves a coming of age story, with strong family influences and secrets that continue to reveal themselves as the story develops. With a deep understanding of the complexities of human nature, she creates characters that forge an emotional tug that will stay with you long after you close the book. Haymore is a master at leaving you always expecting more; in fact, I am hoping for a sequel. As Granny Jen would say, “I’ve got a feeling” you will like this one! 

"A killer mystery with a touch of romance that has readers guessing at every turn."

—Lindsay Gifford, Book reviewer at Pink Magazine