Author, Storyteller

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Author Sheri Wren Haymore

Ain’t life grand! I get to spend life with my best friend and partner in love and work. And our beautiful, kindhearted, amazing daughter is forever my favorite being on the planet. We think her husband’s pretty great, too.


Stick me outdoors, and I’m happy: Hiking Stone Mountain; kayaking the New River; chasing fish and dolphins in Bogue Sound. And I’m all about porches: Writing on my back porch; dancing on our friends’ porch; watching the river go by from our camper porch.


Or plug me into some good music and watch me smile: Switchfoot; U2; Doc Watson; Lincoln Brewster. Or give me space on my yoga mat. All these things and more bring me joy.


We’re blessed to share good food, laughter, and travels with friends. I am encouraged and inexplicably loved by my two sisters and our parents.  And I am completed, refreshed, and fortified by my circle of praying women.


It is my firm belief that God’s intention is for me to tell good stories which point to Him. The stories I tell are about characters who are perfectly flawed, as am I.