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Hunter begins telling me his story on the boardwalk in Beaufort, NC. He’s a college kid spending the summer with his Granny Jen, and he and his beautiful friend Miki are pulling a prank on the tourists.


How could they know their prank would get them deeply tangled in a blood bath? Beaufort comes under siege that very night when a serial killer wielding a sharp knife invades the harbor.


The mom in me wanted to smack Hunter: so cocky and careless and pretending to hang loose until life proves worth the trouble. But his wise old granny, his childhood friend Amy, and even police Chief Grayson Tucker bring out the Southern gentleman in Hunter. Beneath the attitude, we find a deeper hurt which Hunter has spent a lifetime trying to hide.


What will pour out of Hunter, I wonder, when he is pressed hard by the events of this summer? When first his missing father is implicated, and then Hunter and his friend Miki are dragged into the investigation, how will he react? And when all the misplaced parts of Hunter’s story crash together on his twenty-first birthday, will Hunter emerge still a careless boy? Or a determined man?


Hunter’s story, though blood-stained and gritty, leads us into the deeper truths of forgiveness and the things that make a life truly worthwhile.

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