Author, Storyteller

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—Sheri Wren Haymore

I believe the best stories aren’t about perfect people. The best stories are about what happens when you back a flawed person into a corner. I like to squish a character until he pops and see what pours out.


Or more specifically, what pours back in.


I like to unravel a character until I get at the story he really wants to tell me. The story might leave us a little grimy in the telling, but we’ll find out just what he’ll risk everything for. We’ll find out whether he’s willing to let the story transform him.


Because I believe God’s story is evident even in the grimiest of tales.


As for me, I’m as flawed as anyone. I can scruff along my daily walk not much different than the next person. And yet . . . and yet, by God’s grace, I stand perfect. Amazing truth.


Perfectly flawed; that’s me. Pretty much like my characters, when you get down to it.

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